For our clients who use a large amount of hay or have storage space issues, we offer a
“drop trailer” option.

After years of producing and delivering hay to our southern clients, we came to realize there had to be a better long term storage solution. A way to transport and store hay without the potential of it spoiling.
With this in mind, we offer the service of transporting hay in climate controlled trailers.
We leave the trailers at our client’s location and replace them with a new one full of hay when needed.
Not only has this service revolutionized the way we deliver hay, but provides a needed service to our clients in areas of the country where hay spoils because of high humidity.

Our small trailers hold approximately 300 bales of hay. They are only 28′ long and can be maneuvered thru tight entrances and parked, out of the way, in a convenient location.
There are many reasons for using our climate controlled containers.
• Drop deck designed trailer makes It easy to unload hay.
• Trailers are only 28′ long can be parked almost anywhere.
• Locking Doors to prevent theft.
• Trailers are sealed, rodent proof and watertight.
• Unlike a permanent shed on your property, there are no property tax increases
• There is NO Maintenance.
• Storing hay away from the barn is a safer alternative and could lower fire insurance costs.
Frees up needed barn storage space.
• Horses can’t accidentally get into the hay.
• Eliminates hay dust in the barn or riding areas.

This extra storage space affords the prudent Barn Manager the ability to keep their horses on the same feed program, with the same cutting of hay for longer periods of time. This is a better alternative for a horse’s digestive system then constantly introducing different hay to their ration.